• Vibrant Colors

    Make every project stand out with the bold and vivid color on our DTF transfers. Don't limit your creativity with color limitations.
  • Extreme Durability

    Experience the ultimate in durability and flexibility with our DTF transfers. Transform any material into a work of art effortlessly.

DTF Transfer Gang Sheets

Seamlessly fit multiple designs onto a single sheet for efficient production. Perfect for bulk projects or experimenting with various designs. Experience enhanced printing efficiency and exceptional results with our DTF Gang Sheets.

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  • Place it

    Make sure your DTF transfer is on the product exactly where you want it.

  • Press it

    Press with medium pressure at 320°F / 160°C for 15 seconds.

  • Peel it

    Let it sit for about 15 seconds and peel away the backing and voilà.

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DTF Transfers

DTF Transfers By Size

Bring your design to the globe with our high quality DTF (Direct to Film) transfers. NO Weeding and NO Cutting with our cut to size transfers. Just place it, press it, and peel it.

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UV Stickers

These adhesive peel and stick UV DTF Decals are perfect for cups, plastic, tumblers, glass or any other hard substrate. Just peel, stick and then you're done in a matter of seconds! No heat or heat press required and best of all NO WEEDING!! 

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UV Stickers

Yes, we sell them by the sheet too.

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